SSD K391

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Fingerprint encryption specification for mobile hard disk

Product name K391
Product picture see above
USB interface ☐USB2.0 ☐Mini USB3.0 ☒Micro USB3.0
Characteristic of product ☐ Nor. ☐ Soft encryption

☐keyboard encryption ☒ Fingerprint Encryption

Size of product(mm) 122mm*76mm*13.2mm
Weight of product(g) 176g
Housing material +Standard color Aluminum + iron gray
LED ☒red ☒blue ☒green ☐yellow ☐null
Data transfer rate read(MB/s) 100-110
Data transfer rate write(MB/s) 100-120
Form Factor/inch 2.5
Rotational speed/RPM 5400
Cache/MB 128MB
Size of Hard Disk 100*70*9.5
Initialized Capacity 1TB to 2TB
Operation System ☒Windows /7/8   ☒Mac OS 9.x +         ☒Linux 2.4.x or +    ☒Android 4.0 +
Max. working voltage/max. working current V=5.25V ;A=900mA
Individual packing styel Box