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GreenTech Solutions Ltd. is a green energy oriented startup focusing on solar power products and innovation technology.

We have been sourcing from 2004 to establish a reliable cooperation with leading players in this industry.

We built up a  complete service solutions together with factories and partners to offer a short circuit delivery process from manufacturers to distributors. Our Main service is including Solar Inverters, Hybrid Solar Inverters, solar mosquitoes killers, solar freezers, solar fridges,Solar Charge Controller, Batteries, Solar Panel, Solar Mounting Structure , Solar Power Systems and cutting edge consumer innovation electronics.



Our mission is to facilitate spreading green energy products and solutions with flexibility.


Peace of Mind for end users with total satisfaction and longer warranty period.


Solar fridges, solar freezers, solar air conditioners, solar power generators are the basic products dedicated to end users.

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The energy & technology we'll need for the future


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Products that are innovative and not yet globally known to the public.


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All products using solar energy.


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CEO strategy

Our Scientific vision of energy sources

Global demand for energy is rising, driven by growing population with rising living standards.
The world will need much more energy to power homes and fuel transport for a growing population with rising living standards. But to counter climate change, energy must increasingly
come from lower-carbon sources. Our partners factories know-how, technology and innovations
are helping to deliver more, cleaner energy, products and solutions…

Lives and livelihoods, economies and communities depend on convenient, reliable and affordable
energy to prosper and grow. People today have never been more connected. More and more of us are enjoying better opportunities, better health and a higher standard of living.

By 2050 the number of people on the planet is forecast to grow to 9 billion – that’s nearly 2 billion
more of us than today. Many people in emerging economies will join the global middle class.
They will buy refrigerators, computers and other appliances that consume energy. And many will
buy cars, more than doubling the number on the road.

Experts agree that global energy demand is likely to double by 2050 compared to demand in the year 2000. At the same time, tackling climate change caused by carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions and other environmental stresses has never been more important.
Meeting these challenges will require a radical change in the global energy system and a range of new energy sources. Because the energy system is so large, and demand for energy is rising so quickly, to achieve these changes will take a huge collective effort so renewable energy sources are likely the major working option… Be Smart Be green

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