ACDC Solar Air Conditioner Cassette For Home

ACDC On Grid Solar Air Conditioner Cassette Type with wide angle air flow, strong dehumidification, MPPT tracking system and high energy efficiency, easy cleaning swing grill. ACDC dual power supply, the power from solar panel priority supply directly to indoor&outdoor fan motor and compressor. 3-5 years warranty, wild voltage design, free combination of solar panels, make our system not limited by the installation space. Look forward to cooperate with your company!



Q: Can I run your AC/DC Hybrid solar air conditioner without solar panel?

A: Yes. Run with solar panel, the efficiency upto SEER36; Run without solar panel, the efficiency upto SEER 20.

Q: Is it convenient to install your AC/DC Hybrid solar air conditioner?

A: Yes, exactly like the ordinary air conditioner, standard MC4 solar connectors and cabling can be used to connect the solar panels directly to the AC unit.

Q: Do you have 100% off grid solar air conditioner?

A: Yes, we carry 100% off grid DC 48V inverter air conditioner.

Q: Do you have thermal panel boosted energy saving solar air conditioner?

A: Yes, we carry thermal panel inverter solar air conditioner, which always require grid power to be connected, but energy saving about 67%.


Product Capacity Range : 12000BTU /   18000BTU  / 24000BTU / 36000BTU / 41000BTU / 48000BTU

Power : New technology AC/DC dual power supply

High energy efficiency : Maximum up to SEER36, even if there is no sunshine –up to SEER 20, Using solar DC power priority , maximum utilization rate more than 90%

DC power : max 1500W from solar PV panel

Auto interaction : solar power / city grid power automatically switch